Moodle distance education platform

¿What is Moodle?:

Its name comes from the acronyms of Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

Is a Learning Management System of free distribution, very effective in creating of virtual education environments as it allows to integrate resources production tools, communication, user and course management, interaction in both real time and deferred, creation of user communities and specific groups to solve a concrete task.

Moodle Advantages:

  • Developed using free software.
  • Its architecture and tools are appropriate for online lessons as well as complementing for both classroom learning and blended learning.
  • Is a tool that allows to create and manage courses, topics and/or contents by means inclusion of a great amount of activities and follow the student's work exhaustively. Also it allows communication through chat, email and discussions, reinforcing cooperative learning.
  • It promotes a social constructivist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical reflexion).
  • It integrates into a unique screen complete information, in a useful and customized way.
  • It allows to set varied resources in order to form a content unit.
  • It admits several ways of task evaluation oriented to the students.
  • It admits several ways of evaluation of task oriented to the students.
  • It provides exhaustive information about each student's activity, also it allows  information analysis and download this information to a spreadsheet or a text.
  • It allows each student advances at his/her own learning rhythm.
  • Students familiarize with the platform environment rapidly due to its navigation is very easy and simple.

Service packets:

1. Moodle platform acquisition:

    It includes:

  1. Total use of Moodle platform.
  2. Subdomain.
  3. Installation package (if needed).

    If you are interesting in using the platform, please contact us.

2. Monthly rent of Moodle platform:

    It includes:

  1. Total use of moodle platform.
  2. Customized domain e.g: (edupei.com.mx).
  3. Hosting of the platform.
  4. User manual for administrators.
  5. Backrest of resources.
  6. Customized design.
  7. Installation package (if needed).

    If you are interesting in renting the platform, please contact us.

3. Training in the use of the platform:

    It includes:

  1. Course oriented to administrators.
  2. Course oriented to professors.
  3. Course oriented to students.
  4. User manual.
  5. Video tutorials.

 If you are interested in being trained in the use of MOODLE platform, please contact us.

4. Moodle platform management:

    It includes:

  1. Course management.
  2. User management (administrators, professors, students).
  3. Resource management by course (files, folders, labels, pages, URL).
  4. Activities management by course (chat, test, discussion, tasks, wiki).

    If you are interested in us to manage your Moodle platform, please contact us.