Audit management platform QUALITYPEI


QUALITYPEI is a unique platform for managing audits, complaints, corrective actions and risks. With QUALITYPEI you can plan, track and control quality audits; monitor the analysis of the complaints, facilitate the process of continuous improvement and establish a risk management strategy, from identification to mitigation and contingency plans.


QUALITYPEI advantages:

  • Facilitates compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Promotes the planning, measurement, analysis and improvement process of the Quality Management System.
  • Adaptable to any organization.
  • Allows controlling and following up effectively to the audit findings, nonconforming products or services and customer complaints.
  • Facilitates review processes to the management, as well as internal and external audits.
  • Allows effective communication and feedback with customers of the organization.
  • Promotes strategic planning and identification, monitoring and control of organizational risks.

Service packages:

1. QUALITYPEI License Manager of audits, complaints, corrective actions and risks:


  1. Manage audit programs.
  2. Manage audit plans.
  3. Manage findings.
  4. Identify, analyze and control organizational risks.
  5. Register customer complaints.
  6. Manage nonconforming products or services.
  7. Manage corrective actions.
  8. Manage preventive actions.
  9. Maintain an updated database of customers.
  10. Manage auditors.
  11. Manage checklists.
  12. View predefined reports.
  13. Generate automatic email notifications and reminders.
  14. Manage utilities for managing audits, complaints, corrective actions and risks.
  15. Manage users and permissions.
  16. Set design depending on institutional colors.
  17. Set language: Spanish and English.
  18. Subdomain.
  19. Free Web Hosting of platform for the first year.
  20. User’s manual.

If you are interested in using QUALITYPEI platform to manage your Quality Management System, please contact us.

2. Training in the use of QUALITYPEI platform:

   It may include:

  1. Course addressed to the users of Management System of audits, complaints, corrective actions and risks.
  2. User's manual.

    If you are interested in being trained in the use of QUALITYPEI platform, please contact us.