TOOLPEI tool management platform

¿What is TOOLPEI?:

TOOLPEI is an informatic platform intended to manage machinery and refactions. Using Toolpei you can keep updated the information related with your machinery and refactions, as well as management for both corrective and preventive maintenance, machinery fuel consumption and inventory in stock.



TOOLPEI advantages:

  • It allows your machinery management, status change control and execution of maintenance.
  • It allows to associate machinery to working areas and assign working turns.
  • It allows to associate responsible personnel to each team, who automatically will receive their reports and email alerts related to the machinery.
  • Allows to plan maintenance for machinery and refactions, alerting about delays or next maintenances. Also manages maintenance by unpredicted fails in maintenance plans.
  • Allows to manage machinery refactions, keeping an updated control of availability in stock. Offers the possibility of planning maintenance of machinery tooling.
  • Keeps updated data about providers and allows to include them in reports related to both machinery and tooling maintenance, improving this way the communication and feedback with providers
  • Offers an interface to interact with the system through barcode readers, allows to update machinery data, register the machinery's fuel consumption and receive reports about maintenances executed and more without moving from your work station.

Paquetes de servicio:

1. Toolpei Tool manager license:

    It includes:

  1. Machinery management.
  2. Machinery and refactions provider management.
  3. Warehouse management.
  4. Stock management, refactions inputs and outputs.
  5. Maintenance planning.
  6. Preventive maintenance management.
  7. Corrective maintenance management (fails).
  8. Module of reports, logs, alarms and alerts.
  9. System audits and log control.
  10. Utilities management for machinery and refactions
  11. System management
  12. Mail manager.
  13. Domain.
  14. Free hosting of the platform during the first year.
  15. User manual and online help.

 If you are interested in using the TOOLPEI platform to manage your machinery and refactions, please contact us.


2. Training in the use of TOOLPEI platform:

   It includes:

  1. Course for Tooling Management Systems users.
  2. User manual.
  3. Video tutorials.

    If you are interested in being trained in the use of TOOLPEI platform, please contact us.