Development using C++ and Qt


C++ is a programming language created in the mid-80's as an extension of a mythical C language and is the starting point of many high level languages at present. It has a wide impact on developments requiring high performance or low level operation such as operating systems, graphics engines, and others that require hardware high performance.



QT is a powerful cross-platform library based on C++. It is widely used for developing software application with graphical user interfaces (GUIs); however, programs without a GUI can be developed, such

as command-line tools and consoles for servers. It is based on LGPL, and a set of tools like QtCreator (IDE created by Trolltech for developing applications with Qt libraries); it has methods for accessing databases, the use of XML, threads management, network support, an unified cross-platform API for handling files, libraries of traditional data structures, among others. All this, allows agile development, integration and deployment of IT solutions for all purposes.

The SOFTPEI Engineering and Systems development team, accumulates great experience in creating desktop applications, both Linux and Windows, using this technology. It is important to note our experience in developing modules for industrial process control and processing large volumes of data on Linux platform.

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