Development with Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .Net

.Net is a Microsoft framework intended to facilitate working of distributed applications through the network, regardless of the hardware platform where the framework is installed.

.Net is included in Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, likewise current version of this component can be installed in Windows XP and Windows server 2003 operating system family.

This platform allows to develop robust solutions for both web and desktop applications.

For web development, .Net has evolved towards ASP. Net MVC. It meant, in its last versions a quality leap when fusing advantages of .Net development with the ones offered by PHP and Java technologies, its main rivals.

SOFTPEI Engineering and Systems development team is able to assume software development with the newer tools offered by this technology, for both web and desktop applications. In case of web applications, communication through AJAX and use of Jquery library are included to reach solutions that provide high functional quality and nice visual appearance to the user.

Our main experience using this technology has been the development of banking systems, electronic bank, mobile bank, legal systems and solutions for Windows mobile devices and industrial scanners.

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