Development using Java technology

This technology is supported on the language of the same name developed by the company Sun Microsystems in the early 80s. This language was developed from C ++ with a completely object-oriented approach. Sun Microsystems was pioneer in the developing of distributed enterprise solutions and currently many solutions with high performance and concurrency needs choose the development with this technology.

The Java development platform has a central core known as J2SE (Java Standard Edition) containing the virtual machine on which the intermediate code is executed (bytecode), where all systems written for this platform are interpreted. Separately, there are two extensions known as J2ME (Java Micro Edition) for mobile systems and J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition) for business solutions.

Our team has an extensive experience in developing business solutions with Java. To strengthen our solutions and make more agile the development process, we integrate this technology with others such as Dojo and jQuery libraries for presentation, the Hibernate framework for data access and Spring MVC framework to define the architecture model. We are prepared to take on projects of any size or integrate other development teams. We also provide training and advice in the development of software supported by these tools and technologies.

ERP systems and electronic billing systems are some of the solutions that we have developed using Java programming language.

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