Development with PHP language and database:



PHP is an interpreted programming language originally designed for creating dynamic web pages, one of the most popular languages for this purpose.

It can be deployed on most web servers and almost all free operating systems platforms. Currently, PHP is used as the programming language of more than 20 million websites and is installed in approximately one million servers globally. It is able to connect with most database engines that are used today, remarking its connection with MySQL and PostgreSQL.



MySQL is a popu

lar choice of database for using in web applications. It is used in some of the most visited websites on Internet, including Flickr, Nokia, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google and Facebook.





PostgreSQL, often simply Postgres, is an object-relational database management system. It is a powerful and high performance for handling large volumes of data.







The SOFTPEI Engineering and Systems development team, has an extensive experience in creating web applications using these technologies. At the same time, these are complemented with other advanced technologies as Ajax and jQuery library to create increasingly friendly and attractive web applications for users.

The Applications that have been developed included:

  • Business management systems.
  • Online training multimedia.
  • Events management systems.
  • Industrial systems.
  • Education systems.
  • Government Systems.
  • Promotional websites.

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