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SOFTPEI Engineering and Systems

We are a technology company founded in 2011 with experience in the development of custom software, mobile applications and commercialization of computer products. Additionally, we specialize in business consulting and training.

Enterprise Managment System Mc

Plataforma basada en ERP que le permitirá controlar y centralizar los procesos de su organización.

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Sistema web de gestión documental;  con Docpei podrá controlar los documentos de su organización facilitándole el cumplimiento de la norma ISO 9001, ISO 20000 e IATF 16949 en cuanto al control documental de su Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad.   

ERP - Prueba 1 a tres columnas


Web management system for audits, complaints, corrective actions, indicators and risks; With Qualitypei you will be able to plan, monitor and control quality audits; monitor the analysis of complaints, facilitate the process of continuous improvement and decision-making, as well as establish a risk management strategy, from its identification to its mitigation and contingency plans.

ERP - Prueba 1 a tres columnas


Sistema web de gestión de ventas y relaciones con clientes; con Sellpei podrá contar con un mejor seguimiento y relaciones con los clientes, automatizar las actividades de venta desde el inicio hasta el cierre de estas, agilizar el proceso de cotizaciones y facilitar el cierre en las ventas. 



Custom software

We develop solutions that meet your specific needs, are integrated into your environment and are safe, intuitive and agile, using the most advanced programming methodologies and technologies.

Consulting and training 

We have a highly qualified staff that can offer consulting and training on business management and information technology.

Mobile apps

We develop mobile applications that meet your needs and business model for Android and IOS devices.


We can support you in the different stages of the software development process, from the conception of the system to its deployment. We also provide other related edges such as business process modeling and quality management throughout the process.